Employment law

Employment law

Our office has over twenty years of experience in corporate employment law. Whether it’s reorganizations, conflicts, collective or individual dismissals, advisory services, or litigation, we provide comprehensive support. Our clients include (medium to large) enterprises in various sectors, both domestically and internationally.

One of the key questions we ask our clients is: ‘Where do you want to go, what is your goal?’ We approach this matter with a business mindset but also with empathy. We thoroughly review your case, strengthen it, and provide advice on the steps to be taken. We are willing to take a firm stance, always with the goal of optimizing your interests.

We avoid using convoluted language and offer advice that is practical, allowing you to focus on your business.

We strive for the most suitable solution and optimal results for you. This can be achieved through negotiation with the other party, reaching a settlement. However, we are not hesitant to pursue legal action if the situation demands it and it leads to the best possible outcome for you.

The most important aspect is that we always consider your wishes, goals, and interests and provide optimal guidance. We offer honest, thoughtful, and decisive advice, always aiming for the best results.

We think in terms of solutions and go beyond where others may stop.

In the field of employment law, you can approach us for:

Conflicts Where people work together, conflicts arise. We ensure that the conflict is resolved, achieving the desired result for you.

Dismissal If you intend to dismiss an employee, we help you prepare for the process, ensuring efficiency and avoiding surprises. In the case of collective dismissal, we can handle the entire process. We assist in the preparation of a reorganization plan, negotiations with the works council and trade unions, drafting a social plan, preparing individual termination agreements, and submitting the dismissal application to the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

If you, as an employee, are facing dismissal, we work with you to determine the validity of the intended dismissal and how to achieve the optimal result for you to move forward.

Corporate Employment Law We provide advice on the appointment and dismissal of directors, conflicts between directors and/or shareholders, and employment law issues in mergers and acquisitions.

Reorganizations In a reorganization, the strength lies in timely and careful preparation. If you want to reorganize your company, eliminate jobs, and/or create new positions, we help you prepare for this process. This ensures efficiency, avoids surprises, and involves all stakeholders, such as the works council and trade unions, in a timely manner.

Employee Participation We advise executives in processes where the works council must be consulted. This includes important decisions where the works council has a legal advisory role, such as reorganizations, takeovers, or significant investments. We also assist works councils in these processes.

Non-competition and Non-solicitation Clauses These are crucial provisions in an employment contract that protect the employer’s business interests. We assist employers in formulating non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. In case of a dispute with your (former) employee, we provide advice and represent your interests.

If you, as an employee, have a dispute with your employer regarding a non-competition or non-solicitation clause, we can provide advice.

Transfer of Undertakings We assess whether there is a “transfer of undertaking” (transfer of an activity, where the rights and obligations from the employment contract automatically transfer to the acquiring party). We advise you on the do’s and don’ts in such situations.

Harmonization of Employment Conditions After a merger or acquisition, it is often essential for the entrepreneur to align different employment conditions. We advise you on the possibilities.

Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) Law Are you wondering if a collective labor agreement applies to your company? Are you dealing with different CLAs within your organization? We advise you on the possibilities.

Flexible Employment Relationships Specific rules apply to fixed-term employment contracts, on-call contracts (zero-hour contracts, min/max contracts), temporary employment contracts, and contracts with freelancers (service contracts). We advise you on the do’s and don’ts and work with you to find a solution that aligns with your preferences.

Sick Employees When there is illness, employers and employees have legal reintegration obligations. The company doctor plays a crucial role in this process. Advice from the company doctor is often open to interpretation in various ways. Is the employee incapacitated for work and/or is there an employment conflict? We advise you in this complex field.

Self-insurance For employers who are self-insured for sickness benefits and/or partial disability benefits, questions may arise such as “was the employee already incapacitated when I hired him, and should he have reported it?” and “does the employee still qualify for sickness benefits after an immediate dismissal?” The complex matter of self-insurance is familiar to us, and we can provide optimal advice and support.

Drafting and Reviewing Employment Contracts Upon your request, we can conduct a quick scan and assess whether your employment contracts are up to date. Is the non-competition clause and non-solicitation clause adequately justified? Do the employment contracts still comply with the most recent legislation?