Kika Kaldenbach

Kika Kaldenbach

Owner and Employment law and Corporate law Attorney
Bel+31 6 531 065 13

  • Owner and attorney specializing in employment law and corporate law
  • Sworn in 2001
  • Established office in 2016
  • Member of the Association of Employment Law Attorneys in the Netherlands
  • Specialties: reorganization, dismissal, statutory director issues, and shareholder disputes

Why this profession?

Since 2000, I have been working in corporate labor law within businesses. Back then, the attraction was solving legal puzzles, strategic thinking, and litigating in court.

What makes it enjoyable?

The diversity in cases and the speed and dynamism of labor law/corporate law. Over the years, I build a network, making each day different.

What is your vision, drive, and mentality in advising?

Assisting quickly and effectively, with the client’s agenda/desires as a guide. Thinking solution-oriented, providing clear advice so the client can focus on their core business.

What is your strength?

Reducing cases to the core, regardless of complexity. Striving for the best result for the client, effective communication, and a love for negotiation.

Key in client relationships?


When is a case successful?

When the client is satisfied.

What makes working at Labour&Law fascinating?

A team of skilled individuals putting client interests first, creative thinking, hard work, and humor.

Something we don’t know about you.

I love long-distance running and training for marathons. Many issues have been solved while running. I’ve run five marathons, including in New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

The advocate listed above has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas:
Kika Kaldenbach is registered for Employment Law and Corporate Law.