We are lawyers specialized in employment law and corporate law. We aim to clarify matters, not obscure them. We are professional but not overly formal. We are to-the-point, straightforward, fully dedicated to your case, with a keen eye for detail.

Our expertise

Employment law

Our office has over twenty years of experience in corporate employment law. Whether it’s reorganizations, conflicts, collective or individual dismissals, advisory services, or litigation, we provide comprehensive support. Our clients include (medium to large) enterprises in various sectors, both domestically and internationally.

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Corporate law

If there is a dispute among shareholders or between shareholders and the board, if you are considering an acquisition, or if you need legal advice regarding your business, we are here to offer our advice.

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Corporate Litigation

When you’re an attorney who doesn’t enjoy litigation, you always try to resolve disputes and conflicts amicably. It’s a commendable goal. We, too, will always first explore and tread that path.

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Our approach

We operate at the highest level, but we are accessible to everyone. Issues are brought back to the core, choices and next steps are made in good consultation. You will always receive clear and results-oriented advice and know exactly where you stand.

The difference is in the details.

Labour & Law is a firm that serves its clients deliberately and with keen attention to detail. With this approach, we truly make a difference, often resulting in long-lasting relationships with our clients.

It is the tone that makes the music.

Litigation only occurs when it is the best way to win your case, and we do not see it as our ‘standard practice.’ When we litigate, we do so wholeheartedly to make a meaningful impact.

Second opinion

We are more than willing to brainstorm and take a fresh look at challenging cases with you. Experience has shown that there is always a solution to be found.

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Latest insights

For people and companies on the move.

When you enter our office, you will immediately see two paintings on the wall. Works by the artist Daniele Galliano. They don’t just hang there. They are people in motion, in transition. Change. Just like our clients. We help them with our knowledge, experience and approach to see the movement not as something negative or as the ‘end’, but as an opportunity, an opening to light and space.