Irene Luijt

Irene Luijt

Employment Law Attorney
Bel+31 6 289 681 08

  • Employment Law Attorney
  • Specializing in triangular relationships, sick employees, and social security law (self-insurance for the Sickness Benefits Act)
  • At L&L since: February 2018

Why this profession?

Chosen due to a passion for helping people and solving puzzles.

What is your vision, drive, and mentality in advising?

Striving for the best result by delivering quality.

What is your strength?

Always being available, solution-oriented, and clear in communication.

Key in client relationships?

A good relationship for trust and achieving optimal results.

When is a case successful?

When the client is satisfied.

What makes working at Labour & Law fascinating?

A good working atmosphere, diverse clients, equal drive, and approach among colleagues.

Something we don’t know about you.

I love participating in and presenting pub quizzes.

The advocate listed above has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas:
Irene Luijt is registered for Employment Law.