Stina Lindmark

Stina Lindmark

Corporate Law Attorney

External collaboration partner
Bel+31 (0)20 261 9546

  • Corporate Law Attorney
  • External Collaborative Partner with Labour & Law since 2018

Why did you choose this profession?

I am fascinated by how with just a few words, you can give a sentence a different twist. Within the complex web of Dutch legislation, I enjoy the challenge of establishing clear agreements between parties so that my client is protected, the text is easily readable, and remains clear even ten years later.

What drives you when advising a client?

My goal is to enable my clients to succeed in their business by providing pragmatic advice and ensuring optimal legal and administrative support.

What is your strength?

I prefer to keep things simple and pragmatic.

Key in your relationship with a client?

A trusting relationship in which my client shares all relevant information, allowing me to assist as a full-fledged partner in their business dealings.

When is a case successful?

When my client is satisfied because I have achieved the maximum for them.

What makes working with Labour & Law enjoyable, interesting, and engaging?

The collaboration is smooth, honest, and based on mutual respect.

Something we don’t know about you but would be interesting to share:

I come from Sweden and can assist Swedish clients in their native language. In my free time, I prefer spending it on a padel court, where I can channel my energy by perfectly hitting the ball back to opponents and preferably scoring.