Ilian Soemodipoero

Ilian Soemodipoero

Bel+31 (0)20 261 9546

What makes working at L&L enjoyable, interesting, and engaging?

As a paralegal, you are frequently asked to answer legal questions related to ongoing cases. This means you are involved in resolving cases while simultaneously expanding your knowledge of the law.

What is your vision, drive, and mentality in (advising and) assisting a partner or organization?

Sharply identifying the core of the problem and then purposefully reaching a suitable solution.

What is your strength?

I am diligent, thoroughly investigate everything, and giving up is not in my nature.

Is there something we don’t know about you, but that would be interesting to share?

Perhaps a surprising hobby. I have a passion for sneakers. I collect them and stay updated on the latest sneaker news. Additionally, I enjoy watching sports, especially when there’s a chance of Dutch success at the international level.